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Zany puppet show to say “FAREWELL to GBS”
A ‘puppet show’ with Python-esque touches is the curtain-raiser for the second programme in the Shaw Society’s mini-season marking the 70th anniversary of George Bernard Shaw’s death and his works coming out of copyright. Farewell GBS culminates on Sunday 13th December with two more free “zoom theatre” presentations. Shakes versus Shav, from SHAW2020 and Shaw’s First and Last Thoughts, from MF Productions.
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Playwright George Bernard Shaw died at his home Shaw’s Corner in Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, 70 years ago, in his 95th year. One of the most famous men in the world at the time, the news instantly went round the globe. Lights were dimmed at theatres on Broadway, and theatres in Australia observed a two-minute silence.
Two original shows Darlington, 1950 and Words of Love & Loss for a Platform Spellbinder, celebrating Bernard Shaw, kicked off the Farewell GBS programme on the 70th anniversary of his death, November 2nd.  Click here for more information

Darlington 1950 and Words of Love and Loss is now available free of charge
Click here to view on the Shaw Institute website