Next Meeting Friday 17th February


The Actors Centre is at

1a Tower Street,

off Earlham Street, London WC2H 9NP

Nearest tube stations are

Tottenham Court Road or Leicester Square and a number of buses pass close by, including the 14, 19, 24,

29, 38 and 176.  


Visitors are welcome to all our meetings entrance fee is £10, Members £5



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Next Month

Monday, 27th March:  7pm

A script-in-hand performance of Far Fetched Fables, by Bernard Shaw Produced and directed by Michael Friend. A series of 6 short plays written in 1948 specifically for The Shaw Society, founded only 7 years earlier.  This was Shaw’s last completed play.



6-30pm Annual General Meeting of The Shaw Society


Followed by, at 7-30pm, a Script-in-hand performance of


A Revolutionary Romancelet  


A one-act play by Bernard Shaw, written in 1917

Directed by Lorenzo Peter Mason

General Strammfest, whose family has served the Panjandrums of Beotia for seven centuries, is unhappy about working for the new revolutionary government. His sole aim now is to restore the old regime. He receives a telegram telling him that Grand Duchess Annajanska, the beautiful daughter of the Panjandrum, has joined the Revolution and has eloped with a young officer.   

Who is this man and what are their plans?


A review of the January Meeting


Hayward B. Morse, a vice president of the Shaw Society, welcomed members and guests for the first meeting  at The Actors Centre in Covent Garden.  


The John Thaw room was set out ‘in the round’ for a script-in-hand performance of Shaw Cornered Part Two, under the direction of Maurice Thorogood. The playlet, by Robert Shearman, is set in the gardens at Shaw’s Corner in 2017.  Two visitors to the house are astonished to find that Bernard Shaw, played by Hayward Morse, has mysteriously come back to life. They invite him to stay at their home where he wrestles with the realities of making a living in the 21C.  


The play was followed by a lively discussion with the actors, including Janie Goddard, who is married to the author and explained the background to the play.