£25 a year or for two people at the same address,
there is a family rate of £35.
The overseas rate is £30 sterling
Gift Aid
Now that charitable status has been granted, we will be able to claim Gift Aid (25% extra on all donations)   

Please make sure you sign a Gift Aid form
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Membership includes three Issues of the Shavian each year
The Shaw Society
Telephone : 020 7435 6497
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Michael Holroyd


Vice Presidents  

Nicholas Barter

Judi Dench

Richard Dietrich (USA)

Richard Digby Day

Michael Friend

Toni Kanal

Edward Kemp

Hayward Morse

Barbara Smoker

Sylvia Syms

Sam Waters


Chairman & Editor

of the Shavian

Dr.Anne Wright CBE



Mark Egerton


Play reading Group

Alan Knight


Treasurer &

Membership Secretary

Evelyn Ellis


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of the Society


The Society is a Charity

HMRC Charities No.EW22823




The Society

Shaw’s writing hut at Ayot St Lawrence