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V&A Friday, 7th December  O’Toole on Shaw

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The Shavian is published twice a year and covers the many aspects of life that GBS was passionate about.
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Now is Winter
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Michael Friend on
Fannys First Play
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Mrs Patrick Cambell

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The Shaw Society Playwriting Award

Two aspiring playwrights claimed their awards and saw their winning plays performed at The Actors Centre The winner of The Shaw Society Playwriting Award, Dr Michael Sherborne received a prize of £500, and runner-up R A Diamond £200 from David Evans representing the Evans family, sponsors of the Award.

Divorce on the Rocks by Michael Sherborne was directed by Jon Bradshaw, featuring Will Birch, Maryann O'Brien, Matthew Curnier and Chris Bearne.
On the Rack by Ray Diamond was directed by Jonas Cemm, featuring Will Birch, Shonni Doulton and Chris Bearne.
Both plays were narrated by  Jonas Cemm.

Shaw Society Chair Dr Anne Wright said “The judges were unanimously impressed by the two winning plays. witty, perceptive and sheer fun. If Shaw were alive today, he might well choose Brexit as a theme – and I am sure he would enjoy these two plays.”

"A wholly satisfying evening of intelligent writing"
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Booking essential Fintan O’Toole is a highly accalaimed writer and journalist on the Irish Times.

George Bernard Shaw was the first person ever to win a Nobel Prize (for literature) and an Oscar (for the screenplay for Pygmalion, in 1938). He was one of the first global celebrities who carefully created and managed his brand. Shaw became a master of self-invention, one of the first private individuals to understand fully how to generate—and how to use—global fame.