The Shaw Society

The Shaw Society is the only Shaw society that dates from Shaw’s lifetime.
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A Short History

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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place “
George Bernard Shaw

When the Society was founded on 26 July 1941, Bernard Shaw's eighty fifth birthday. He wanted nothing to do with the idea, and it was his curious letter of rejection that contained the phrase we quote here.

The Browning Society was a terror to Browning Shelley was dead, Shakespeare  was dead,
I shall soon be dead.

We all provided a rallying point for the co-operation and education of kindred spirits and a forum for their irreconcilable controversies.

So go ahead, but don't bother me about it. I am old, deaf, and dotty. In short, a Has Been.
GBS  November 1941

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The Shavian is published twice a year and covers the many aspects of life that GBS was passionate about.